Ben holding model horse
Ben's Custom Tack
Model Horse Tack
Handcrafted from Genuine Leather
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Johnny West and Horse
Vintage Johnny West Figure,
restored/repainted Vintage Horse
(by Kirby Jonas) and Ben's Custom Tack
Confederate rider scene
Photo courtesy of Deb Fritz, Cherry Hill, NJ.
Ben's Confederate Saddle.
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What our customers have to say:

"I got all your leatherwork in the mail yesterday, and it just made me want to bust with pride. That is so cool, the inspiration you have, and all the hard work you go through to bring it all to fruition. Those chaps are so cool! My boys just drooled over them. It was like early Christmas for them watching me open that up. So many thanks to you and your dad. Great stuff. I will always treasure my original Ben Perry leather!"

- Kirby Jonas, Pocatello, Idaho

"Beautiful saddle set!! Your saddles are the only ones that I will leave on my custom horses to display!! I am not going to risk hurting them with the plastic tack and of course your saddles are so incredibly beautiful! they really bring my horses to life!"

- Laura Crocker, Corning, NY

"Received the Black Roper Saddle yesterday. WOW another great item! Thanks very much. Pleased with the Calvary Saddle is almost an understatement!"

- Chad Hefner, Hickory NC

"Received the saddle on Thursday, it is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! The craftsmanship is super and the detail is fantastic. Thank you. If the Jenifer Calvary saddle is that good I'll be putting an order in for that one too. Thanks again."

- Pat Myers, Oak Creek, Wisconsin

"Your saddle arrived before I expected it. And, as always, the quality is spectacular. And thank you for the rifle boot. It is perfect and adds greatly to the rig. I also liked the latest ebay saddle. I took all my will power not to bid on it also. I looked on ebay and saw that it was already bought. I am happy and sad. I am happy that someone bought it before I weakened, and sad that it isn't among my collection. Oh well, I can't wait to see what your next saddle looks like. They keep getting better."

- Adam Olsen, Des Moines, Iowa

"I doubt you remember me, but I recently purchased a Cheyenne saddle from you. It is marvelous. You can't imagine how it sparked my imagination, and made me feel like a kid (even more so than usual). Well, I just bought the bought pleasure saddle on ebay, and have already sent the money. The saddle looks even better than the one I own, if that is possible."

- Adam Olsen, Des Moines, Iowa

Johnny West (1/6 scale)

Ben Perry has created a line of Johnny West 1/6 scale horse equipment of the highest quality. The saddles are indeed masterpieces, made from 100% genuine leather and highly detailed. Additonally, he has created a line of horse and figure accessories. When collectors add Ben's leather artwork to their vintage collection of Johnny West horses and figures the results are breathtaking.

All of Ben's Johnny West Creations are:

  • 100% Genuine Leather
  • 100% Individually Custom Made
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Numbered for authenticity
  • Treated with handwax for protection
  • Made to fit all 1/6 scale horses

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About Johnny West...
A mythical character named Johnny West lived out some wonderful days in the hearts and minds of youngsters during the 1960s and 1970s. Johnny West and all of his friends rode into the homes of countless children while westerns were at their peak on television and the Louis Marx Company was nearing the end of their own.

Today toy historians consider the nine to 12 inch plastic figures of the Johnny West issues to be one of the most successful of the 20th century. Certainly they were one of Marx's biggest hits, and undoubtedly added another decade to their legacy. Marx took a deep breath and first produced Johnny West in 1964. A rival company had done well with a military doll called G.I. Joe, but West would be at home on the range and not on the battlefield.

The following year Marx produced a horse named Thunderbolt. An abundance of plastic tack followed. The horses, wagons, and all of the accessories created by the Marx Toy Company artists and modelers were very realistic. The figures, and even one of the horse series models, were jointed and easily posed."

As for Johnny West himself, the catalog advertised he rode his horse Thunderbolt, "outfitted in hat, chaps, vest, holsters, and spurs." The set further included guns, and cookout gear.

Other Marx selections in connection with Johnny West and friends late in 1973 included Sam Cobra and horse Satan, Chief Geronimo and horse Morning Cloud, and Sheriff Garrett and a horse, which was unnamed in advertisements.