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1859 Civil War McClellan Saddle detail detail

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1859 McClellan Saddle

Many different styles of McClellan saddles were present during the Civil War. This style was adopted in 1859 by the war department on the recommendation of a board of officers that includes Lt. Colonel Robert E. Lee, Colonel Philip St. George and Lt Colonel Joseph E. Johnston. It was actually termed the "Pattern of 1859" (as taken from the 186l Ordinance Manual). It was clearly evident the concern was for preserving horseflesh rather than the skin of the cavalyman's posterior! The rawhide covered tree was specifically included to avoid any chafing on the horse's back. This saddle style served both the Northern and Southern armies.

This saddle creation, custom made from 100% genuine cowhide, designed by master saddler "Ben," was created from sketches from Randy Steffen's books and simulates the 1859 McClellan Style saddle. It features a "rawhide-look" covered tree, extra wide saddle flaps, brass nails attaching seat to panels, quarter straps, bed roll, stirrup covers, gold painted cantle & pommel trim, and a very unique wide girth (original was 4" wide leather). Ben has painstaking endeavored to design this saddle as authentic as possible.

Available in black or brown.


1859 McClellan Saddle