October 2014
My model won 2 classes, 2nd in another and CHAMPION in performance at the VT Fun Show last weekend in your tack  LOVE the set.  Thank you so much!
Heather Good, Rye, NH
October 2014
I just received my saddle and I wanted to tell you personally that this item is absolutely a work of art!  I've never seen anything more beautiful.  I'm fairly new to this collection, and I see why your reputation stands above them all in this field.
Thank you.
Steve Bonilla, Medford, MA
September 2014
I LOVE IT!  Thank you so much, Barbara.  It is truly a work of art.  The pictures of this set don't do it justice.
Barbara McDermott, Christmas, FL
August 2014
Oh, my Goodness, Barbara!!!  What a MASTERPIECE!!!  Someone really can't imagine exactly what one would really be like until they hold one in their own hand!  I've never seen another model saddle that looks SO REAL!  Bless you for your precious gift of knowing how to do this!  It fits perfectly on my Smart and shiny model.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You !!!
Retta Whelchel, Leicester, NC
July 2014
The saddle arrived today.  It's GORGEOUS!  I'm in love.  :)  Thank you again for the wondeful artistry that goes into these saddles.
Beth Brown, Williston, VT
June 2014
Thank you for the incredible tack.  The saddle is a true masterpiece!!  The bridle and the rope are beautiful, as well.  Thank you so much.
Sarah Reid, Westport, CT
June 2014
Thank you so much for your awesome work--my saddle is gorgeous!  I love everything on it:  the stirrups, the "US," the saddle pad . . . all of that looks awesome.  Thanks again, I really do enjoy buying tack from you.
Canadian customer, chose to be anonymous
August 2011
The package has arrived safely and it is so much more than I expected--the finish is perfect.  Thank you for all your efforts on the color.  All the details on the pieces are wonderful.  It was like an early birthday present opening all the bags.  I have had a play!
Val Evans, United Kingdom
August 2009 (A word about Ben, from a dear friend)
I assume everyone here knows Barbara Perry?  I hope so.  Barbara is the daughter of the great, late Ben Perry, the man who first introduced me to the concept of sheer gentility in the 1/6 scale hobby.  Ben made a gift to me of his very first ever 1/6 scale Western saddle after we became acquainted through my query to him about one of his Civil War saddles.   He was bigger than life, and, in my opnion, was one of the greatest people the 1/6 scale world has ever been privileged to know.  I know many other people share this opinion.  Ben is very much missed in this hobby.
Anyway, it's SO nice to see you here today, Barbara, and I hope you are doing well.  I have Ben's saddles and other tack on display in my house--reminders of my fond memories of your dad.
Kirby Jonas, Pocatello, ID