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Western Bridle

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Price: $26.00
*Price starting at $26 for a 1:9 scale bridle

Sizes & Options (price will update)


Western BridleWestern Bridle

Made from genuine kangaroo lacing, this bridle will accent your western saddles nicely. Nose, cheek and throat straps are adjustable. Split reins are extra long. Comes with noseband that is easily removable. Due to the wide variability of head sizes on 1:9 scale Breyer horses (and other models of this size), bridle comes with extra length on many straps so you can customize it to fit your horse's head.

Model tack sizes

  • 1:9 scale fits Traditonal-sized Breyers
  • 1:6 scale fits JW
  • Large 1:6 scale fits Dragon

Brand names are just an indication, our saddles fit on many other models of the same scale. For more information and custom size chart click here.
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