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Sample Breyer Horse for Harness
Sample Breyer Horse for Harness

Breyer Horses

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Price: $65.00
*$65 for Single Traditional-size Breyer model horse (1:9 scale ) READ IMPORTANT INFO BELOW

Breyer Horses

Sold only to compliment the Collar Team Harness

The type of 1:9 scale (Traditional sized) Breyer horses I keep in stock for you are the "stocky quarter horse styles", which traditionally look best pulling a large rig of any kind, such as the "Wells Fargo Stage Coach", etc.  I have a small variety of colors, and poses to choose from.
My stock of horses varies. 
***The photos on this page give you an idea of the types of horses I try to keep in stock. 

Important note: 
If you'd like a choice of the type of Breyer horse  you'd like (of what I have in stock), just send me an email (barbara@benscustomtack) or call me (951-305-7370) to discuss this.  I will do my best to accommodate you.  

Additionally, fitting the harness to your horse (unless you have an abundance of experience doing this on "real" horses) is very challenging, to say the least.  When you purchase a horse from me, you will receive your horse(s) with the harness custom fitted and already placed on them, at no extra charge,  unless you let me know otherwise.  

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