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English Accessory Package

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Price: $42.00
*Price Starting at $42 for a Single Package, 1:9 scale

Sizes & Options (price will update)


English Accessory Package

Add these accessories to any English saddle for a great deal! All accessories included in Complete Set will be made in the same color as the saddle color you choose.

English Accessory Package includes:
  • Hunt Breast Collar
  • Riding Crop
  • Halter / Lead

English Hunt Breast Collar

Designed just like the real thing! Adjustable at three points and made from genuine kangaroo lacing. Made to accent either the English or Dressage Saddle. Made from strong and durable kangaroo lacing. Accents any of our English saddles.

Riding Crop

Made from kangaroo lacing and intricately made to give it an extra-special look. Includes wrist strap for rider's hand.
Accents any of our English saddles.

Halter / Lead

Made from strong and durable kangaroo lacing. Buckle on one side.  Just like the real thing!

Model tack sizes

  • 1:9 scale fits the traditional sized Breyer
  • 1:6 scale fits JW
  • Large 1:6 scale fits Dragon

Brand names are just an indication, our saddles fit on many other models of the same scale. For more information and custom size chart click here.

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