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Custom made Grain Sack / Feedbag Set.
Custom made Grain Sack / Feedbag Set.

Grain Sack / Feedbag Set

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Price: $15.00
* Starting at $15 for a 1:9 Set

Sizes & Options (price will update)

Grain Sack / Feedbag Set

Accent your scene with this realistic set of a grain sack and feedbag. Bag and sack are created using a double-thickness cotton, brown-speckled material. Leather accents can be requested in black or brown. "US" insignia is optional. You can also request a short handle on the feedbag (as shown) or it can be lengthened to fit over your horse's head. Longer strap (over the head) will be adjustable.

Model tack sizes

  • 1:9 scale fits Breyer
  • 1:6 scale fits JW
  • Large 1:6 scale fits Dragon

Brand names are just an indication, our saddles fit on many other models of the same scale. For more information and custom size chart click here.
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