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Jenifer Cavalry Saddle

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Price: $90.00
*Price starting at $90 for a 1:9 Single Saddle . Custom-made, this saddle was designed from photos of an original "Jenifer" saddle. Available as Single Saddle, Package, or Complete Set. --------------{ Important: See "Which size should I order for my 1:6 scale horse?" below . }

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Jenifer Cavalry Saddle

This saddle style is different from our other cavalry saddles.  This style was very popular during the Civil War with both Union Officers and Confederate cavalry men.  It was designed from photos of an original "Jenifer" saddle that is in the Confederate Museum in Richmond, Virginia.  My source even tells me that General Custer owned a "Jenifer" Cavalry saddle like this one.

This beautiful saddle features extra-wide fenders, leather girth with buckles, matching saddle blanket and bed roll, and adjustable stirrups.  The unique cantle style of this Jenifer Cavalry saddle is shown clearly in our photos.  The bed roll is attached with three small straps with buckles.  Additionally, this saddle has an extra strap on the pommel of the saddle that the rider used to attach most anything.  The deep tones of this saddle make it a real beauty.  It also features imitation stitch marks on the seat and gold-painted trim on the  pommel and cantle.  It is custom made from 100% genuine leather!  It really smells like the real thing (because it is).

All saddles are:

  • 100% genuine Leather
  • 100% Individually Custom-Made
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Numbered for authenticity
  • Treated with leather protection

Each Saddle and Accessory  Custom Made for You.

Whether you are outfitting your model horse for the show ring, your shelf at home, or a scene you have created, these custom-made saddles will put the finishing touch on your model horse.

When collectors add Barbara's leather artwork to their vintage collection of Johnny West horses (1:6 scale), Breyer Traditional-sized model horses (1:9 scale), or other beautifully-created model horses (some, such as the "Dragon" horse or Luis Aguilar's spectacular custom horses, are large 1:6 scale), the results are breathtaking!

Important:  Which size should I order for my 1:6 scale horse?

The most popular 1:6 scale horses mentioned below.

ORDER 1:6 SCALE FOR:  Johnny West  Marx, or Mr. Z Hanoverian 

ORDER LARGE 1:6 SCALE FOR:   Mr. Z.Akhalteke ,  Mr. Z Thoroughbred,   Dragon German  or DiD Horse 

NOTE:   If your 1:6 scale horse is not on this list above, please consult with Barbara prior to ordering ([email protected])

Model tack sizes

  • 1:9 scale fits Traditional Breyers
  • 1:6 scale 
  • Large 1:6 scale 

Brand names are just an indication, our saddles fit on many other models of the same scale. For more information and custom size chart click here.

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