(Both 1:9 scale Breyer's and 1:6 Marx JW horses are available)

Sadly, no room at the inn for these treasured horses. 
Homes needed. 

All the horses for sale can be seen on my "Tack Shop Deals' Page.

I have recently moved Ben's Custom Tack to a smaller location and do not have room for my collection of model horses.  So it is with a sad heart that I part with many of them.  I hope you are able to take advantage of this model horse sale and perhaps think of them as potential Christmas gifts.  There are some good buys available!

As I researched information about each and every horse, photographed them, and prepared to sell them I honestly do not remember when or why I purchased so many horses.  But each one told me a little story about themselves and how they didn't like being in a glass-doored cabinet for so many years. So I thought it was definitely time to get them good homes.  

Unfortunately many do not come with boxes, however they are in excellent shape.  Some have a few smudges /  markings or scratches on them, and I've endeavored to let you know about them in their descriptions.  Some are really old and not  being made anymore! 

Thank you for looking at them and considering giving them a good home. 

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