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Military Accessory Package

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Price: $62.00
*Price Starting at $62 in 1:9 scale

Sizes & Options (price will update)


Military Accessory Package

Add the accessories listed below to any military saddle for a great deal! You may have choices to make. See below. All accessories included when ordering a "Complete Set" will be made in the same color as the saddle color you choose.

Military Accessory Package for 1:6 & Lg 1:6 includes:
      • Military Canteen
      • Military Saddlebags OR US Cavalry Saddlebags (your choice)
      • Full Rifle Scabbard OR Half Rifle Scabbard (your choice)
      • Contour Breast Collar
Military Accessory Package for 1:9 includes:
      • Military Canteen
      • Military Saddlebags
      • Halter + Lead
      • Contour Breast Collar

Military Saddlebags

The Military Saddlebags are made for our Military saddles, although some customers interchange styles (i.e., used the "Military Saddlebags" on a western saddle). All saddlebags are made from genuine leather and feature flaps that really open, as well as straps to help secure bags to saddle. Each is made with as much detail as space allows.

Half Rifle Scabbard

This half rifle scabbard is made from genuine leather and features two straps to attach to saddle and a half-length scabbard that covers half of the rifle barrel. It is accented with stitch markings. The scabbard fits the rifles snugly so the rifles will not fall out. Offered in 1:6 and large 1:6 scale only.

Military Canteen

This canteen is made from 100% genuine cowhide. It features a rounded surface on both sides with an extra-long, adjustable strap made of kangaroo lacing.

Contour Breast Collar

Made from 100% genuine leather, this Contour Breast Collar features a ring at center of chest, adjustable girth and adjustable side straps. Back side of breast collar is lined with thin leather. This breast collar goes well with either our military saddles or western saddles.

Model tack sizes

  • 1:9 scale fits the traditional sized Breyer
  • 1:6 scale fits JW
  • Large 1:6 scale fits Dragon

Brand names are just an indication, our saddles fit on many other models of the same scale. For more information and custom size chart click here.

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