WHAT'S UPCOMING at Ben's Custom Tack

It's been a long year with COVID. I have been quite busy and if you ordered anything from me you personally know how long your wait was to get your handcrafted model horse tack.  My orders were consistently backed up 20-25 orders and typical wait time was 3 months. I truly appreciate your patience while you waiting for your order.  I do believe that long wait time is up and my orders are slowing down quite a bit.  Yesterday, I only have about 12 orders waiting to be made. Once those are made, I'll be ready for something a little different. 

So, during this transition time for me,  I've been thinking long and hard about "What's on Ben's Custom Tack Horizon".  I will now have time to make some new saddles styles I've been waiting to make, but couldn't take the time due to all the orders I had to fill. I have discovered a new color ("Golden Brown"), which is a lighter shade of the "brown"  than you  currently see on my saddle pages.  I have made a few saddles in that color, so you will start to see them on the saddle pages soon. 

ALSO.....I am having a new page added to my website.  The working title right now is "TACK SHOP DEALS"". On this page will be items you can purchase that are ALREADY MADE (with immediate shipping)!  I am "chomping at the bit" to work on my own original designs of all different things (Indian Leather Saddle Blankets, Two Tone Saddles, etc.).  

I also have many items Dad and I have accumulated over the years in my cabinets.  Examples  include Breyer Horses, 1:6 scale "ammo belts" for figures, Civil War holster made by Dad., etc.  You never know what you'll find for sale on this page, so you'll need to check in often.  Many items will be 1x only deals.    

I don't know exactly when this new  page will be ready, but I know for a fact how much patience you all have. 

As COVID safety protocols lighten up across our county, and you all get back to you "regular" life (whatever that is), don't forget to keep in touch and check out Ben's Custom Tack website from time to time. 

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