Download size chartA word about sizes:

1:9 scale fits traditional-sized Breyer horses and other model horses of similar size. These horses stand approximately  9" at ears. 

1:6 scale fits the Johnny West vintage model horses and other model horses of similar size. In real life this horse may have been a mustang. 1:6 scale models stand about 13" at ears.

Large 1:6 scale fits the larger "Dragon" model horse, Luis Aguilar's  custom model horses,  and other model horses of similar size. In real life this horse may be the size of a Warmblood or Clydesdale. These model horses stand about 14" at the ears. 

Note: If you have questions about which size will fit YOUR model horse, I will gladly help you figure that out. Email Barbara at: [email protected]. Whether you are outfitting your model horse for the show ring or your shelf at home , this custom-made model horse tack will put the finishing touch on your collectible horse.  

Our Marx horse saddles, Johnny West horse saddles and the Breyer horse saddles put a finishing touch on your model horses in any arena.  Our Native American model horse tack also complete that old western scene you are creating. Additionally, many of our saddles (western and military) are designed to be as authentic as possible to a specific era in history, such as the "Wild West" or "Civil War" era. We specialize in  1:6 scale model horse western saddles with 11 different styles to choose from.  

All of our creations are a labor of love, as Barbara now carries on the leather-craft traditions of her father, Ben, "Master Saddler." Most say, "you have to see them to believe them." They smell just like the real thing, because they are made from 100% leather! You can purchase  saddles and accessories individually or save money and look for our "packages" throughout the website.

Download our size chart

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