As many of you have personally experienced, I have a backlog of orders now that has made you wait up to 16 weeks until I can start on your orders. Thank you all for not minding the wait, but now it has become uncomfortable for me to make you wait so long. Soooo.......I have implemented a temporary change to accepting some orders, discontinued them until September 1, 2022. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO THOSE OF YOU WHO ALREADY HAVE PAID ORDERS WITH ME AND ARE WAITING.

The items that take me at least twice as long to make are what I lovingly refer to a "Custom Orders" (ie: saddles and accessories that is not currently shown on my website) and harnesses.
You will find many of the "Custom Orders" I have made in the past on my "SPECIAL COLLECTIONS" page ( to give you an idea of some of the "custom" orders I have created in the past.

Customers usually, personally get in touch me with for such orders by email or phone, and we talk about your special request and initially, I decide if I am able to honor your request. This is followed by an abundance of discussion and photos exchanged.

I am still willing to "talk to you" about your request and at least let you know if I can make the item(s) you are requesting. However, at this point I will take your name and contact information, along with your idea and get back to you when I am ready to take on your order, give you a price quote, create an invoice and accept payment. This will likely be in early September 2022.

These harnesses are posted on my website...
I make 2 different types of harness, both of which are very time consuming to make. These are my "Team Collar Harness" ( and my "Driving Harness" (

I also am going to postpone making these 2 harness items until September 2002. You may order them now, but please do not pay for them yet. Please choose "pay by check or money order" when checking out.I will get back to you when I am ready to make them, likely in early September 2022), to complete you order and ask for payment at that time.

HOPEFULLY I will be able to catch up on my orders to alleviate the extensive wait I have had to enforce during the past months.

A little history: My "Dad" who started this business with me in 2008, was very, very punctual about getting his orders "in the mail" ASAP. I have been mentored and raised by this very special man, and I too, have that quality. However, Dad never knew the thriving business this would become. I only hope (???) that Dad knows from heaven how his creations have become so popular among the model horse community.

I know that my mother knew, as she told Dad during here last days here before departed to heaven, "STICK WITH THE LITTLE SADDLES!", because he was prone to switch ideas often with his leather work. So I have "stuck with the little saddle" to honor by earthly father and mother and LOVE DOING THIS WORK as it has become my passion in life.

I have had the opportunity to talk to so many of my customers and I thank you so very much for picking out the phone on occasion!! Technology has taken away personal connections with customers, and I don't like that, but without technology I would have been unable to connect to people all over the world. So I guess technology is a mixed blessing. It's definitely here to stay

....Now I only hope that I can keep up with technology. It seems to be getting ahead of me.
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