BCT Model Horse Herds

People often don’t believe me when I say I have “herds” of model horses in my shop. I really am quite serious. I have a what I call a “WORKING HERD” and a “PHOTOGRAPHY HERD”. Over time I have gathered a large supply of model horses (both 1:9 scale and 1:6 scale) to help me make and sell my saddles.

My “Working Herd” is my tough and dirty horses that help me size every saddle I make, so they will fit your horses properly. As my customers bought more and more different styles of horses, I too had to get one of them too, as their size and shape often was different from my real “old timers” (Johnny West Marx Horses). I’ve got to say the 1:6 scale horses are getting better and better looking, with more defined muscle definition and more realistic mane/tail hair.

My “Photography Herd” are the horses I use to “sell” my saddles. Their job is to model my saddles and “smile for the camera”. I also have a vast variety of them, in all sizes.

Let’s see….at last count I have about 15 horse in my “Photography Herd” and about 16 horses in my “Working Herd”.

I couldn’t make (or sell) my saddles without them!

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