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Breyer "Hightower" 1:9 scale

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Price: $50.00
Makes a great gift!
               MEET THE FAMOUS "HIGHTOWER" Breyer Model Horse # 1112
Hightower was a motion picture star and a  famous stunt horse!   He was a 16 hand chestnut Quarter Horse gelding whose movie credits include Horse Whisperer, Runaway Black Beauty and Adventures of the Black Stallion!

Just like any other movie star he lives in California!

Read more about Hightower when you purchase him,  in the small booklet shown in his photos!  There's more to the story!!

Note:   Hightower's box has some markings on it, but no tears.

SHIPPING COST:  When you place an order, you will see a $10 shipping charge  for each horse . 

So sorry, I can’t afford to pay for shipping on the model horses.  The $10 will help me out and will likely cover most of the shipping cost.

Thank you for understanding,  Barbara

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