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Pony Express Saddle

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Price: $95.00
Price shown ($95) is for 1:9 scale "single saddle "only. Available with or without mail pocket PADLOCKS. Available only as a "Single Saddle" or "Package".

Sizes & Options (price will update)

This is one of Ben's final creations!  As a history buff, Ben created this saddle to help us remember it's unique history! 

This saddle was used by Pony Express riders between April 1860 and October 1861. Pony Express riders delivered mail between the Missouri River and the Pacific Coast.  The "Monchila", a leather blanket / saddle cover, of sorts, fit securely over the saddle and was kept in place by the rider's weight.  It featured 4 "cantinas" (pockets) where the mail was securely padlocked.  The "Monchila" offered an easy and quick removal onto a fresh horse at remount stations, as the US Mail was relayed across the prairies.

 The saddle under the Monchila is a lightweight one to decrease the weight on the horses back. Stirrups  are fully adjustable.   Monchila easily comes on/off.  Underside of saddle is covered with dense wool felt for authenticity.  Bridle is made from kangaroo lacing.

Purchase this saddle package to own a piece of the "wild west" history.

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