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"TALLY HO" Cantering Welsh Pony ~ 1:9 scale Breyer

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Price: $25.00

This cute little "Cantering Welsh" pony
is named 

This pony has beautiful coloring on her coat along with well defined muscular markings. 

She is set in a "cantering" stance and has well defined braiding on her mane.

She has been kept in a glass-dooring cabinet all her life with me and has never been used.
Only has 2 " tiny" scratches which are almost unseen.

This "Tally Ho" model was made during Feb - July 2001.

SHIPPING COST:  When you place an order, you will see a $10 shipping charge  for each horse . 

So sorry, I can’t afford to pay for shipping on the model horses.  

The $10 will help me out and will likely cover most of the shipping cost.

Thank you for understanding,  Barbara

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