My dad, Ben Perry, has made heaven a little sweeter when he passed through its gate on 3/28/08 after a brief illness. He passed in total peace, being a man of immense faith. His life touched so many, near and far. His workmanship will live on in the works of arts he created in leather. His work will also live on in my hands, as I vow to continue in his footsteps, creating quality model horse saddles and equipment. Having worked side-by-side with Dad for quite a few years now, I also have the passion and the skill to carry on his legacy. I can still hear and feel his guidance as my hands work the leather he so loved.

My gratitude goes to each and every one of you who ever had email or phone contact with Dad. He absolutely LOVED the contact and relationships with all of you, most of whom he had never personally met. It was my theme when I spoke at his "Celebration of Life" service. You didn't really have to personally meet Dad to know what a kind and gentle soul he was. He had friends all over the world.

My thanks to Kirby Jonas for his beautiful horse "Traveler" who was front and center at Dad's service, complete with a 1904 Cavalry saddle and all the accessories, all made by Dad's hands (see picture below). The saddle was adorned with empty black boots positioned backwards, as a symbol to honor a lost soldier. (Dad served in WWII in Burma.) It was the perfect tribute to Dad, a "Master Saddler." He will be greatly missed by friends and family, near and far.

Barbara Perry

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